What we do

We offer information about accessible tourism in Argentina including destinations, accommodation, excursions, entertainment, gastronomy, cultural activities, adapted sport and everything you need to know before planning your holidays. It is intended for people in wheelchair and for people with physical or sensory disabilities so that they can make a trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

We also believe that this information can be of great use to older adults, parents with strollers and people with some temporary disability. Vias Accesibles is composed of people with and without disabilities. Therefore, we know which are the specific needs when organizing a trip. Sometimes travelling with a wheelchair can be very complicated if you don´t have enough information. That´s why in addition to providing information on accessible establishments, it is also important to include the activities that can be carried out in each destination.

In this way, we can enjoy our holidays with family and friends. Our objective is to spread accessible tourism to make known all that can be done in our country without limits and without barriers.

Accessible Tourism

According to Law 25643, accessible tourism is the complex of leisure-time activities, geared to tourism and recreation, which enable the full integration, from the functional and psychological point of view, of people with reduced mobility and / or communication, obtaining the same social satisfaction of the visitor and a better quality of life.

Being able to find the appropriate and relevant information, allows you to focus the planning of the vacation with greater spontaneity and enjoyment. Knowing those fun options that can be done in an accessible way, facilitate the experience of moving away from work and daily habits, connecting us with a greater sense of freedom and well-being.