Mendoza Mendoza

Mendoza is a province of Argentina located to the west in the Region of Cuyo.
The Province of Mendoza is one of the main tourist centers of Argentina, both national and international. It is one of the main wine-growing capitals of the world, attracting numerous tourists who tour the circuits of vineyards and wineries. There are places of historical interest, mostly related to José de San Martín and the Army of the Andes, standing out the Cerro de la Gloria and San Martin routes.
The Cordillera de los Andes attracts numerous tourists, Argentines and foreigners, interested in seeing the mountainous landscapes, sports activities such as mountain climbing, rafting or skiing, or want to get in touch with the snow. One of the tourist places most visited both for its proximity and its beauty is the circuit of Paramillos de Uspallata, which, through the provincial route N ° 52 that is born in the Las Heras Department, links the City of Mendoza with the town of Uspallata, visiting many places of historical, cultural, geological, panoramic, etc. (Canota, the old Gran Hotel Villavicencio, path of ascent "365 curves", geological formation called "El Balcón" Paramillos "," Araucarias forest of Darwin ", ruins of the mines of Paramillos and Cerro Tunduqueral, among others).


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