Accesible Tourism Law

Law 25,643

Tourism. It is determined that the provision of tourist services must comply with the universal criteria established in Law No. 24,314 and the regulatory decree No. 914/97. Travel agency. Mandatory information.

Sanctioned: August 15, 2002.

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation gathered in Congress, etc. Sanction with force of Law:

ARTICLE 1 - Accessible tourism is the complex of leisure-time activities, geared to tourism and recreation, which make it possible to fully integrate - from the functional and psychological point of view - people with reduced mobility and / or communication, obtaining during the same conditions the same individual and social satisfaction of the visitor and a better quality of life.

ARTICLE 2 - For the purposes of this law, a person with reduced mobility and / or communication is understood to be those included in article 2 of Law 22.431, as well as those who suffer functional alterations due to transient, chronological and / or Anthropometric.

ARTICLE 3 - It will be an obligation of the Travel Agencies to inform people with reduced mobility and / or communication and / or family group and / or companion about the inconveniences and impediments that may be encountered in the planning of a trip that hinder their physical integration , functional or social, and, in turn, communicate to the providers of tourist services on the circumstances referred to in Article 2 for the purpose of adopting the measures that they require.

ARTICLE 4 - The provision of tourist services shall be adjusted in accordance with the universal design criteria established in Law 24.314 and regulatory decree 914/97, gradually in the terms and proportions established by the regulations. Providers who fulfill the conditions of the previous paragraph must be identified with the accessibility symbols adopted by Law 19.279 and IRAM regulations 3722, 3723 and 3724, issued by the Secretary of Tourism of the Nation and / or agencies in which the provinces delegate said Functions, after consultation with the competent authority.

ARTICLE 5 - The institutional material of diffusion of the Argentine Republic must be adapted for the graphic, visual and / or auditory comprehension by the people with reduced mobility and / or communication.

ARTICLE 6 - The provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires shall be invited to adhere and incorporate in their respective regulations the contents of this law.

ARTICLE 7 - The National Executive Branch shall regulate the provisions of this law within sixty (60) days counted from the date of its promulgation.

ARTICLE 8 - Communicate to the Executive Power.